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Dems Challenge Corbett

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  • State senate candidate Linda Small, Campaign for a Fresh Start Chairwoman Katie McGinty and state representative Kevin Schreiber satge a press conference outside Central York Middle School Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014. The democrats were calling on Governor Tom Corbett to restore budget cuts to the state's education system. Bill Kalina -
  • 9/2/2014
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West Side Homicide

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  • Police are treating the death of a male shooting victim as a homicide after his body was found on the steps outside his home at 1100 West King St. in West York Tuesday morning, Bill Kalina -
  • 8/26/2014
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Wolf Tours York Day Nursery

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  • Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf visits York Day Nursery Friday, August 22, 2014. Wolf has introduced a policy designed to decrease teacher turnover and establish a continual relationship between parents, teachers, and students.The nursery employs 30 Direct Care Educators and provides care for over 100 children.
  • 8/22/2014
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City Shooting

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  • Investigators gather at the scene of a fatal shooting in the 300 block of West King St. Monday, August 18, 2014. Bill Kalina -
  • 8/18/2014
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Shrewsbury Twp Fire

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  • Firefighters douse flames at a house on Rennoll Road in Shrewsbury Township Sunday, July 27, 2014. The fire started when embers from a burning barrel ignited brush near the house according Gene O'Toole, 49, son of the owner. Bill Kalina -
  • 7/27/2014
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House Explodes

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  • Homeowner Karen Gish talks about the explosion that leveled her family's Lower Windsor Township home Thursday, July 24, 2014. No family members were home at the time. The family dog was outside the home and suffered an ear injury. Bill Kalina -
  • 7/24/2014
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Turnpike Faster

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  • Tuesday, July 22, 2014--Traffic around York County's Harrisburg West Exit of the PA Turnpike will see a 5 m.p.h. speed limit increase. The speed limit will be raised to 70 mph on a 100-mile stretch of the toll road. Bill Kalina -
  • 7/22/2014
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Hellam Double Fatal

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  • York County Coroner Pam Gay talks and Hellam Township Police Chief Mark Sowers were at the scene of a double fatal vehicle accident at the westbound on-ramp of the Hellam Exit onto Rt. 30 Tuesday, July 22, 2014. Sowers said the white work van crossed from the left lane clipping a small pickup truck which came to rest in the highway media. The van rolled and two of its occupants were ejected and killed. Bill Kalina -
  • 7/22/2014
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S. Duke St. Fire

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  • The Red Cross is helping residents relocate after a fire at an apartment building in the 200 block of S. Duke St. Monday, July 14, 2014. Fire broke out at the three unit building around midnight Monday. Thirteen residents were displaced. Bill Kalina -
  • 7/21/2014
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Tractor Trailer Topples

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  • Emergency crews respond after a tractor-trailer toppled onto a line of cars on Haines Road near Mt. Rose Ave. Tuesday, July 15, 2014. The tractor-trailer fell on its side damaging five cars. Bill Kalina -
  • 7/15/2014
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